As a registered BC Society and charity, the Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall and its Board of Directors is responsible to a membership drawn from its community and supporters. Becoming a member of a society is an important civic duty and a valuable way to support and contribute to organizations and causes that make our communities better, more resilient, and inclusive.

Founded in 1906, we have over 114 years of history in British Columbia thanks to generations of members and supporters who believed in our mission and helped chart our path forward. Please find below a brief summary of our history as an organization and how our members guided and supported us to where we are today.

How to become a Member

If you wish to become a member, you must submit an application to the VJLS-JH Governance Committee. To help you understand this application process, the Governance Committee has developed a guide and orientation for prospective members.

VJLS-JH Bylaws

As a registered BC Society, VJLS-JH operates under a set of bylaws approved in 2016 by the organization’s membership. These bylaws provide information on membership and member duties. Please see below for a summary of the bylaws relevant to the member application process.

VJLS-JH Governance

We have prepared a governance chart of VJLS-JH that outlines the organization’s structure and how you, as a member, would fit into it.