The Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver’s Historic Powell Street Neighbourhood that provides Japanese Language Classes, Childcare, and Community Programs and events to the broader community. Our board is comprised of  up to 11 volunteer directors which govern the organization and are elected by its membership at an Annual General Meeting. The board is responsible for stewarding VJLS-JH’s continued sustainability, strategic direction, financial health, and reputation.

All operational matters, including the management of staff and programs, are overseen by the Executive Director. The Executive Director is supported by two Division Managers: Children’s World and the VJLS Principal. The Executive Director is hired and managed by the board to ensure that the organization’s strategic goals and priorities are being achieved responsibly.

In accordance with the organization’s values of transparency and accountability the board’s constitution, bylaws, and reports to the CRA can be accessed on this page. For additional information, please contact the VJLS-JH office at

Annual CRA Filing Information (T3010)

To find our past reporting to the CRA, including financial information, board of directors, and number of staff, please visit this page on the CRA’s website.


A copy of VJLS-JH’s constitution can be downloaded here.


A copy of VJLS-JH’s most recent bylaws can be downloaded here.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

The Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall values inclusivity and respects, empathizes and supports community members of all ethnicities, cultures, ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, socioeconomic status and physical or mental capabilities. We strive to serve and deliver programming to our stakeholders that creates a culture of safety that energetically affirms a sense of integrity. We also have a responsibility to commit to our core value of cultivating an inclusive work environment – a workplace that promotes and values diversity in all the work we do. 

Since our founding in 1906, the Japanese Canadian community has endured many injustices and instances of discrimination. We have first-hand experience of systemic racism and its multi-generational effects. To create meaningful and lasting cultural change, we are committed to addressing instances of systemic racism in the greater community, as well as in our workplace. 

The greatest changes in our world come from deep conviction and a diverse mix of minds, hearts, backgrounds and experiences. At VJLS-JH, we are leading and catalyzing this change by providing a space for these values to thrive. The Japanese Hall is a space for freedom to flourish, liberated from any attempt by others to impose judgements, customs or beliefs.

Commitment & Intention

This work is part of an ongoing journey. We are aware of the integrity needed to ensure that our statement facilitates tangible actions that are felt by our community, in alignment with our purpose and mission. In solidarity, we commit to actions for a better future for all of us.  We will be updating this page as we move deeper into this journey.  We invite our stakeholders to support this work and hold us accountable in upholding our commitment and intentions.