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  • Dear VJLS-JH Staff, Students, and Parents,

    It is my great pleasure to be able to share with you that we have selected Mark Batt as our next Principal – Education Manager to manage our school division. Filling this position has been a priority since starting in March and has followed a long, thorough process to make sure that we find the right person – thank you to all of you who provided input and feedback into the skills and abilities we needed to look for. Due to my only having been at VJLS for a short time, I was supported through this hiring process by a parent, a long-term staff person, and a board member who helped me select the final candidate and ensured that their Japanese ability and knowledge was properly tested and appropriate for our school.

    We could not have arrived at this moment without the support of a number of very talented, dedicated, and amazing teachers. For over six months Bailey, Haraguchi, Hisata, and Inokuchi sensei helped us to not only complete the school year, but to transition to online classes during COVID 19, and to prepare for this school year. It has been my honour to have worked alongside them during this difficult time and I am so grateful for their leadership of our school division.

    I would also like to specifically thank Bailey sensei who took on the interim-Principal role just a few weeks before the start of the school year and who helped ensure that we were ready for the first day of classes. I know that this is a challenging role in the best of times with many responsibilities, and I’m grateful for the work that she has done to ensure that our teachers have the support they need. As the new Principal is oriented to the position Bailey sensei will play an important part in helping them to transition into the role.

    Finally, I would like to thank all of our teachers who have stood strong through all the challenges that have arisen over the last year and ensured that we’ve been able to provide excellent education to our students. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to teaching the Japanese Language and culture.

    I look forward to seeing VJLS-JH’s programs grow and improve under Mark’s leadership and I hope that you will provide him with a warm introduction as he gets to know each of you.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or Mark at



    Darius Maze, Executive Director




    企業での成功とは別に、マークの中国と日本の文化への関心は、日本中国友好協会の仲介役としての鍵でした。 彼は仏教芸術の比較のため、中国の莫高窟の千佛洞にある仏教壁画の学芸員と京都の醍醐寺の学芸員をつなげることに尽力しました。

    マークは過去11年間、教育経験と教育資格(TESL Canada)、そして経営学と人事の資格をもって、カナダ政府のLINC(Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada)プログラムの語学プログラムを開発および指導してきました。彼は複数の学校を管理し、教育課程を開発し、教師研修を行い、教師の業績評価基準を計画および実施してきました。



    Watch his video introduction

    Mark Batt has spent most of his life in Asia, living and working as an expatriate. He brings experience and expertise in education management, business development and Human Resources.

    Before coming to Canada, Mark had been living in Japan, where he was initially working as an assistant language teacher for the Kawasaki City Board of Education. During this time, Mark was invited by the the board of education to work on a number of special projects for language teaching at middle school and high schools at the Kawasaki City General Education Centre ( 川崎市 総合教育センター). He has worked on language curriculum development and made presentations to both Japanese teachers and foreign assistant language teachers. In his last few years in Japan, Mark worked as Director of international business development for a computer software company in Tokyo.
    Apart from his success in the corporate world, Mark’s interest in Chinese and Japanese culture was key in his work as liaison for the Japan-China Friendship Association, where he was instrumental in bringing together the curators of the Chinese Buddhist murals of Mogao Caves (莫高窟の千佛洞) and the curators of Kyoto’s Daigo-Ji (醍醐寺) for a comparison on classical Buddhist art.

    For the last 11 years, wth his combination of teaching experience and teaching credentials (TESL Canada), along with his business administration and Human Resources qualifications, Mark has been developing and leading language programs for the Canadian government’s LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) programs. He has been managing schools at multiple locations, developing curricula, providing teacher training, designing and implementing teacher performance evaluation criteria. Mark has also been a presenter at language learner conferences in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto where he has presented workshops for language school administrators.

    Mark is both approachable and willing to share his experience, as well being open to learning from those around him, so we encourage everyone spend time to get to know him.

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