vancouver japanese language school

VJLS Open House

Date: Saturday, April 12, 2014
Classroom Visits Time: 10 am.~10:55am
Fundamental Level A @ Room #1, 3F (For students who do not speak Japanese at home)
Conversation class @ Room #12, 4F (For students who do not speak Japanese at home)
Elementary Grade 1 @ Room #7, 4F (For students who speak Japanese at home)
Information Session Time: 11am ~@Craft Room on 4F

You are all invited to join us for an open house on April 12 where you and your children can observe the Grade 1 and Fundamental Level A classes. A detailed information session, to go over the two paths available at VJLS along with a Q&A session, will be held after the classroom visits.

This invitation is open to everyone. Please help us spread the word about this event!

Photo credit: Shumpei Kato

VJLS オープンハウスのお知らせ

クラス訪問 午前10時~10時55分
基礎科Aクラス:3階 1番教室(家庭で日本語を話さない環境の子ども対象)
会話クラス:4階 12番教室(家庭で日本語を話さない環境の子ども対象)
小学科1年クラス:4階 7番教室(家庭で日本語を話す環境の子ども対象)