Won Jun Lee/Community Organization Worker   

After receiving his Certificate of Completion in World Languages and Literatures (Japanese)  
at Simon Fraser University, Won Jun will be supporting us as a Community Organization Worker this summer. Won Jun will be assisting with our Historic Powell Street Walking Tours, community events, and administrative work.  

Won Jun Lee/コミュニティ オーガニゼーションワーカー 


Hello, my name is Won Jun Lee, I used to study at Simon Fraser University and received Certificate of Completion in World Languages and Literatures (Japanese).   I want to learn Japanese, because I believe it is the hardest language for English speakers, as there are not many opportunities available for them.  

I am working at the Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall and currently assisting with our Historic Powell Street Walking Tours, community events, and administrative work.

In Japanese culture, Japanese anime interests me the most. I like the science-fiction elements in anime. For example, I like watching “Doraemon”, an anime about a robot cat from the future. Doraemon comes from the year 2112 to the 21st century in order to help Nobita, a weak boy who has difficulties at school including getting bullied. I enjoy the fun tools that Doraemon gives to Nobita, including a cool bamboo helicopter hat and the “anywhere door” which teleports them anywhere within a very short time.

In addition to Anime culture, I have enjoyed learning about other parts of Japanese culture. One interesting fact I learned was that there is no need for janitors in many schools and companies in Japan – students and workers clean up by themselves. Japan’s natural environment is also very clean and nice; some drainage canals are so clean that koi fish live in it.   I have been to Japan several times and I look forward to sharing some of the things I’ve learned the experiences I’ve had while being a Japanese language student. I will be writing new posts each month and hope that you’ll enjoy reading them and perhaps learning something new.