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[April 1, 2020] Due to COVID-19, we have closed our office. Please continue to complete registration for the upcoming September 2020 school year, but we will be unable to respond to your registration requests. Please see COVID-19 Update.
新型コロナウイルス感染症の影響により、事務業務を停止しております。詳しくは、COVID-19 Updateのページをご覧ください。新年度(2020年9月)のお申し込みをお受けしていますが、お申し込みに対する返信は現在行っておりません。

General Registration Form

For Fundamental, Elementary, Jr/Sr High and High School Programs
This registration form is intended to be completed by legal guardians of the students under the age of majority (19).
If you are an adult, please use the Adult Registration Form. For Kinder Class, please fill the Kinder Class Registration form (PDF) and email

大人の方は、「成人クラス申込書」をご利用ください。キンダークラスは、「キンダークラス申込書」(PDF)をご記入いただき、 まで送信してください。

    Have you taken a class at VJLS before?

    Class Requested ご希望のクラス


    Student Name (English) Required

    生徒の名前 (Name in Japanese, if known)

    Student Informaton 生徒の情報
    (Date of Birth)

    Address 住所 Required

    Guardian's Information 保護者の情報

    Guardian 1:

    Guardian 2:

    Would you like to sign up for the calligraphy course?

    Does your child have any health and/or allergy issues?

    IF YES, please complete Child Medical Information Form (PDF). You may also submit the form later by e-mail.
    該当する場合は、 Child Medical Information Form (PDF) のご記入をお願いいたします。メールでの後日提出でも構いません。

    Medical Form:

    Note 備考

    Family Members ご家族

    How did you find out about our school?

    Photo Permission 写真掲載の許可 Required
    VJLS-JH may use the student's photo for promotional purposes.

    E-mail Newsletter ニュースレター Required
    Would you like to receive monthly VJLS-JH newsletters and other important information about events and programs?
    I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time.

    Policies and Procedures 細則 Required
    Please read the VJLS-JH Policies and Procedures, including withdrawal and refunds policy.
    NO REFUNDS are given for courses shorter than 10 weeks per session once the class starts.

    Is your form not working? Try refreshing the page and try again. Please contact the office (604-254-2551) if issues continue.

    フォームが機能していませんか? ページを更新してもう一度お試しください。 問題が解決しない場合は、オフィス(604-254-2551)までご連絡ください。