We accept cheques, Visa, Mastercard or Interac Debit for the tuition payments.
Monthly payments must be made with post-dated cheques, Visa or MasterCard.
Please check the VJLS-JH Policies and Procedures for further details and refund policies.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact the office.
Tuition and other fees are subject to change.



Program Fees

Children's World Programs (こどものくに)
Please refer to the document below for the Children’s World Daycare, Toddler and Preschool Program Fees:

Financial Assistance: You may qualify for the British Columbia Affordable Child Care Benefit. Visit the BC Government website to see if you qualify.
You will need the Form CF2798 and FIRST SECTIONS MUST BE FILLED AND SIGNED BY THE CHILD CARE PROVIDER. Please contact the office to obtain the pre-filled Form CF2798 for you to complete and submit. We will NOT accept your benefit payment from the Ministry if you submit the Form CF2798 directly to the Ministry without our authorization signatures.
保育費補助制度: ブリティッシュコロンビア州政府による保育費補助制度の対象となる場合があります。要件に関しましては、ブリティッシュコロンビア州政府(英語)のサイトをご確認ください。

Japanese Language - Saturday (日本語学校 土曜日クラス)
Saturday Course土曜日クラスMonthly Tuition†
(Monthly x 10)
Kinder (3hr)
(Age 5)
Fundamental (3hr)基礎科 (3時間)
Elementary (3hr)小学科 (3時間)$114/month
Junior & Senior High (2hr)中等科・高等科 (2時間)$85/month
High School A, B (2hr)ハイスクールA・B (2時間)$85/month
Adult A, B (2hr)アダルトA・B (2時間)$85/month
Adult C, D (2hr)アダルトC・D (2hr)
Registration and Other Fees† 入学料など†

New Student Registration Fee:
$50/student (First Time Only)

Membership Fee:
$20/family (Optional)

Bazaar Fundraiser Tickets:

Please contact the office for details. 詳しくは本校までお問い合わせ下さい
VJLS 2021-22 Class Schedule
* Current as of May 2021. All fees are subject to change. GST/PST NOT applicable (NOT needed).
Some courses require textbook (can be purchased at the school or from retailers of your choice).
Please contact office at 604-254-2551 or at vjls@vjls-jh.com for further details.

VJLS 2021-22クラススケジュール
* 2021年5月現在の授業料です。授業料は変更になる場合があります。GST/PSTは適用されません(非課税)。
一部のクラスでは、教科書代が別途必要となります。 (本校から直接購入していただくか、書店やネット通販などでもお求めいただけます。)
ご不明な点がありましたら、 604-254-2551 または、vjls@vjls-jh.comまでお問い合わせ下さい。
GST/PST NOT applicable.

Japanese Language - Adult Weekday Evening (日本語学校 平日夕方 社会人向けクラス)
Adult 10-week Evening Courses: $250 (GST/PST NOT applicable)
– Textbook: Purchase of a textbook (not included in tuition) is required and can be purchased at school or at a retailer of your choice.
– Membership or registration fees are NOT REQUIRED, for this course.
– Please note NO REFUNDS are provided for the Weekday Evening course once the class starts.

Martial Arts (武道クラス)
Please contact the instructor directly. Contact info can be found at Martial Arts page.