Provide your child with an enriched learning environment that blends emergent learning with Japanese culture. エマージェントカリキュラムと日本文化を融合させた豊かな学習環境を提供します。

Tues-Thurs, Wed-Fri,9:00-12:00
$285.00 excl.
Sold out

20 weeks, 09:30 AM - 12:30 PM


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Tuesday - Thursday (2 Days per Week)
09:30 - 12:30
20 weeks
  • Free
    Wednesday - Friday (2 Days per Week)
    09:30 - 12:30
    20 weeks
      Wednesday - Friday (2 Days per Week)
      09:30 - 12:30
      20 weeks
      • Free
        Sold out
        • $285.00 excl.
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        Children’s World is a unique child care centre that provides culturally enriched daycare, preschool, and toddler programs to the Japanese-Canadian and broader communities.

        It is dedicated to childcare excellence and its staff follow the concept of Emergent Curriculum. Located near Historic Powell Street in Downtown Vancouver, it is conveniently located East of Gastown and North of Gastown.

        Children’s World is a division of the Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall where Japanese-Canadian culture and education has been taught since 1906. As one of the oldest Japanese-Canadian organizations in Canada, it was recognized as a National Historic Site.

        Children’s World is licensed child care and preschool facility meeting the requirements set by the provincial government.

        Philosophy of Children’s World

        We believe that:

        Children are entitled to discover themselves socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively in a positive and stimulating environment.

        Emergent Learning

        We believe…
        children thrive and learn best when their interests are captured.

        Through diverse fun activities, children develop:

        • Curiosity, initiative and independence social skills and respect for others
        • Imagination and creativity
        • Love and respect for the family and the community awareness
        • Experience traditional Japanese cultural events and learn Japanese songs and more (preschool)


        Program Fee: $285

        Library Fee: $50

        Registration Fee: $50 (New Students Only)

        Access Card Deposit: $50

        Fees are charged monthly using a credit card that is held on file and will appear on your card statement as VJLS-JH. If you prefer to pay by debit or cheque, please contact for more information.

        Financial Assistance: You may qualify for the British Columbia Affordable Child Care Benefit. Visit the BC Government website to see if you qualify: Qualification Information.

        Please contact the office to obtain the pre-filled Form CF2798 for you to complete and submit. We will NOT accept your benefit payment from the Ministry if you submit the Form CF2798 directly to the Ministry without our authorization signatures.


        • 9:00am - Toddler Open
        • 9:20am - Morning Greeting (with Parent)
        • 9:40am - Parent leave, Free Play
        • 10:30am - Snack, Free Play
        • 11:35am - Circle Time
        • 11:50am - Toddler Close


        子どもたちの興味から学びを考えるエマージェントカリキュラムを保育の基本としています。 バンクーバー・ダウンタウンの東、パウエル・ストリート近くに位置しており、ガスタウン北東に隣接した便利な場所にあります。
        バンクーバー日本語学校並びに日系人会館は、1906年から日本語や日本文化プログラムをコミュニティに提供してきました。 カナダで最も古い日系カナダ人組織の一つとして、カナダの国定史跡に認定されています。
        エマージェントカリキュラム -興味からの学び
        • 協力心・独立心・社会性・思いやり
        • 想像力・創造性
        • 家族に対する愛・社会への労りの気持ち
        • 日本の伝統文化イベントから習慣を身につけ、本の読み聞かせや日本の歌で語彙を増やす(日本語環境幼稚園)






        ご登録いただいたクレジットカードより毎月引き落としとなります。デビットカードまたはチェックでのお支払いご希望の方は会計担当 までご連絡ください。

        経済支援: British Columbia Affordable Child Care Benefitが受給できる場合があります。BC州政府のウェブサイトをご覧になり、受給資格をご確認ください:受給資格情報

        CF2798 フォーム が必要な方はオフィスへご連絡ください。当団体の著名が記載されていない CF2798 フォームで提出し受給した支援金については、受領出来かねます。


        • 9:00am - 登園
        • 9:20am - 朝の会 (保護者同伴)
        • 9:40am - 保護者とお別れ、自由遊び
        • 10:30am - おやつ、自由遊び
        • 11:35am - サークルタイム
        • 11:50am - 降園