Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you are well and that your families are healthy and safe at this time. When I took on my position as Executive Director nine months ago, I had the opportunity to greet many of you as you dropped your children off at VJLS-JH and to get to know you. I regret that over the last nine months that we have not been able to have this regular form of communication as a result of COVID 19.

I have valued the opportunity to get to know many of you through emails and zoom conversations, but I appreciate that there have still been gaps and difficulties in communicating information with one another. I would like to support you in sharing your ideas and feedback with us and ensuring that you have a voice and are heard.

We are therefore proposing the development of a Parent’s Advisory Council (PAC). The intent is, like in the public education system, that a group of parent representatives be elected who would be responsible for:

  • Helping VJLS-JH to communicate with all parents and guardians and hear their views;
  • Sharing information from VJLS-JH with all parents and guardians; and
  • Encouraging and supporting parent involvement in VJLS-JH activities, programs, and events

Through the PAC, parents and guardians would be able to share honest feedback and ideas to VJLS-JH staff, be part of a larger community, and receive timely information about the organization that could affect them and their children.

All of this will be made easier once COVID 19 passes, however until then we believe that this will help address many of the communication challenges that have occurred over the past year and give you more of a voice at VJLS-JH.

Before creating this PAC, we want to get your input on how it would be setup and operate. We will be holding an information session on December 16th at 7pm where you can learn more about the PAC and share your ideas and feedback on it. To read more about the PAC, please click this link to read the draft Terms of Reference document.

I look forward to speaking with you on December 16th and I would be happy to answer any questions that you might have in advance by email. Wishing you and your families all the very best,

Darius Maze, Executive Director

When: Wednesday December 16 from 7pm to 9pm
Where: Zoom