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    - Student Desks (Small Classroom ONLY) - 1 seat per desk
    - Tables (2'6" x 8') - Seats 3 to 4 people per side. 6 people (typical) or 8 people (tight) per table.
    - 学校机: 一脚につき一人まで座れます。(少教室のみ)。
    - テーブル(76センチ×244センチ): 片側に3~4人の方が座れます。両面で6人(標準)から8人(きつめ)まで座れます。

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    Visit BC Special Occasion License Online to obtain a liquor license for private functions.

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    The Canadian copyright law requires VJLS-JH to collect SOCAN fees to play or perform copyrighted music.


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