Children’s World will offer Winter Camp in December!

At the camps of Children’s World, children learn Japanese, and Japanese culture through seasonal fun activities. They will explore Japanese songs, folk tales/stories, traditional play and simple cooking and more! Have your child join the camp to have fun and memorable experiences!

Check out the schedule below to see fun activities! 


Children’s World Camp Main activities

  • 9:30 Class starts, free play, open snack, circle time, main activities 
  • 11:45 Lunch
  • 12:30 Outdoor / Gym play
  • 1:30 Class dismissed

PeriodDecember 19-23, 2022
TimeCamp: 9:30am-1:30pm
Fee$180/w *No Daily Drop-in
ClassCW: New 3Y (born in 2019) and new 4Y (born in 2018)
Application PeriodOct 22 @12pm - Dec 5, 2022.
CancellationProcessing Fee $20 applies to any cancellation before December 5th, 2022. No Refund after Dec 5th, 2022.

For more information Mitsuru Haga-Bronstyn | CW Manager | 604-254-2551 (102)|





こどものくに ウィンターキャンプ 主な活動

  • 9:30 登園、 自由遊び、 オープンスナック、 一斉保育、 主な活動
  • 11:45 ランチ
  • 12:30 園庭・体育館での遊び
  • 1:30 降園

料金$180/週 ※単日参加不可

お問い合わせ こどものくに園長 芳賀 満 | 604-254-2551 (102)|