As Vancouver’s new National Historic Site, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the virtual sponsors & donors for our 2020 annual Capital Fundraising Golf Tournament during this challenging year.  All funds go towards our Interpretive Centre Renovation Project to do major capital repairs and to tell the miraculous story of our organization’s history.  Our annual in-person fundraising tournament at UBC Golf Club will hopefully go ahead in June 2021.  It is thanks to your energetic and financial support that we have been able to steadily move forward.  Many, many thanks. どうもありがとうございました. Golf Committee

2020 Virtual Golf Sponsors & Donors

Gold ($5000+) – Dr. Shig Saimoto, in memory of Cy Saimoto 

Silver ($3000) – Kaz Toyama (Tokyo), in memory of Art Toyama and the Toyama Family

Par 3 Hole ($2500) – RBC Foundation

Primary tee ($1500-2499) – Ryo & Chisako Imura (Tokyo & Nagoya), in memory of Toru Imura 


Front Tee ($1000)

  • Dr. Eric Yoshida, in memory of the Miyazaki Family (Toronto)
  • Denny Enjo, Dan Enjo, Laura & Deb Saimoto, in memory of Masa & Denzo Enjo 
  • Molly Akune and Ruby Hattori, in memory of Sayako Hattori 
  • Prospero Enterprises 
  • Rika Uto, in memory of Tetsuro Uto 
  • Ritsu Saimoto, in memory of Cy Saimoto 
  • Tracey McVicar, on behalf of the Nagai Family


Beneficiary ($500 – $999)

  • Amano Foods 
  • Eiko & Brian Ainsworth
  • Vickie Fukui & Family, in memory of Frank Fukui
  • Fujiya Japanese Foods
  • Joyce Ng-Yellim (Ottawa)
  • Linda Oxbol, Mikado Enterprises, in Memory of the Natsuhara Family


Honorary ($250-$499)

  • Campbell River Fishing
  • Derek Iwanaka & family, on behalf of the Iwanaka Family
  • Matsunaga Family (Campbell River), in memory of Takao Matsunaga
  • Minoru Tanaka
  • Sharon Kawasaki & Family
  • Yamato Trading Inc.


Cash donations

  • Craig Ryomoto
  • Doug Williams 
  • Ian Fisher, in memory of John Randell Fisher
  • Mike Uyeno
  • Miyuki Ito
  • Randy Kondo