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On Saturday, December 20, we celebrated Christmas with special guests, students and parents. Mr. Seiji Okada from Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver and Councillor Dr. Kerry Jang from the City of Vancouver attended the Party.

VJLS acting chair Harry Mizuta called the santa on the stage and santa was currently visiting Prince Rupert, but he said he will try to make it.

We had delicious teriyaki turkey and desserts as well as great performances by our students, teachers and a special guest, NAV Chorus. Our annual chicken dance time was another success and both children and parents enjoyed the dance.

Later santa arrived at VJLS and he had presents for hardworking students. Students were excited by his appearance and gift.

Haga sensei and Naito sensei made closing remarks and Naito sensei looks forward to 2015 as they already started planning some events including a talk by Consul General Mr. Okada.

We would like to acknowledge people who prepared the dinner, helped set-up and donated door prizes and food.

Happy Holidays!