May is #AsianHeritageMonth: a month to celebrate and reflect on the many contributions that Canadians of Asian origin have made to this country!

This year, we are participating in Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society’s, #explorASIAN festival through two events:

5月は#AsianHeritageMonthです。アジア出身のカナダ人の歴史・文化・功績によるカナダへの貢献と影響を認める月です。当団体はVancouver Asian Heritage Month Societyが主催する#explorASIAN festivalに参加し、2つのイベントを開催します。

  • VJLS-JH x The Hafu it: A Homemade Pilgrimage: Beginning May 5th at 10 am


Follow Kiyoko and Sakura as they retrace their roots, explore their heritage and share what it means to be a Japanese Canadian from a hafu perspective. Each episode will be released weekly throughout May 2021 and have been filmed in the VJLS-JH Tatami Room.
Episodes can be listened to at or watched at the YouTube channel


  • Historic Powell Street Walking Tours: Beginning May 27th at 11 am


In the early to mid-20th century, the Powell Street corridor was the home of 8000 Japanese Canadians and over 400 businesses in Vancouver.
The history of this Japanese Canadian enclave is not common knowledge in Vancouver or in Canada. Learn about Japanese Canadian history this summer! 


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  • 琴 Koto – The Last Service


Koto: The Last Service – Trailer from Joella Cabalu on Vimeo.

For #AsianHeritageMonth we’re exploring the Japanese Canadian experience and what it means to find a place of belonging through emerging oneself in Japanese culture. 
Premiering internationally on May 6th through the DOXA Film Festival, Koto – The Last Service tells the story of a restaurant in Campbell River, BC that comes to a close after nearly 40 years in operation. The small Vancouver Island community bids farewell in this meditation on how to say goodbye with grace and the legacy of investing care in relationships through sushi. Directed by Joella Cabalu, Produced by Kenji Maeda and Joella Cabalu

5月6日にDOXA映画祭でワールドプレミア上映される「琴Koto – The Last Service」は、BC州Campbell Riverにあるレストランが40年近くの営業の後、閉店するまでを描いたドキュメンタリー作品です。本作は、優しさを持って別れを告げる方法や、寿司を通じたコミュニケーションにより得た遺産などを考えます。
監督:Joella Cabalu、製作:Kenji Maeda、Joella Cabalu