Established in 1906, the Vancouver Japanese Language School & Japanese Hall (VJLS-JH) [Vancouver Nihon-go Gakko narabi ni Nikkei Jin Kaikan] is a non-profit, community-based and driven organization, committed to education, culture and community.

Our Mission, as an Educational and Community Institution is to:

Promote through educational and event programming the understanding of Japanese language and culture to all Canadians
Actively uphold the history of Vancouver’s Nikkei community and to facilitate cultural exchange with other multicultural, neighbourhood and international groups.

Our ultimate objective is to strengthen and enrich inter-cultural communication and understanding among our students and the broader local and global communities.

1906年に設立したバンクーバー日本語学校並びに日系人会館 (VJLS-JH) は、コミュニティーによる、コミュニティーのための非営利団体で、日本語教育・日本文化の継承・普及に努めています。


Registered Charity Number: 119281996RR0001
BC Society Number: S0000334