Children’s World Childcare Center

Children’s World (Kodomo no Kuni) began as a Japanese immersion morning program in 1999 with 25 children aged three to six years old. Over the past twelve years, it has grown five times its original size, reaching 150 children as of 2011. The green renovation of our 1928 Heritage Building will create 65 licensed preschool and daycare spaces. This would help to fulfill the huge demand for licensed childcare spaces in the expanding downtown community. And in keeping with our commitment to serve the Downtown Eastside community, childcare spaces would consist of a mix of out-of-district families as well as local area families.

Commitment to Our History & Heritage

Throughout 2006, we joyously celebrated our 100th birthday and reaffirmed our commitment to building on our history and our heritage towards the building of our future. Our plan to restore our 1928 Heritage Building (B-type) and reinvent its use into a full-scale leading edge childcare center fulfills our steadfast commitment to our past and our future. And to share our rich and unique history with the general public, it is our aim to transform our Heritage Building into an Interpretative Center, breathing life into the history of our organization and building and opening it to the public.

Commitment to a Green Future

As a provider of childcare and educators of society’s future, we are committed to a sustainable future. Therefore, it was decided to go forward with as green renovation as much as is feasible. A heritage renovation in and of itself is green, however, green structural elements and green programming will transform our center into one of the most innovative childcare centers in BC.

Renovation Objectives

We have set forth the following three main objectives of the Heritage Renovation:

  1. First-rate childcare (65 childcare spaces)
  2. Greening
    • Green structural renovation, including solar thermal panels for efficient energy use
    • Green education programming
  3. Restore and celebrate our heritage & history
    • Transform our Heritage Building into an Interpretative Center, communicating the historical value and role of our organization in the larger community and within the context of the history of multicultural Canada.

We Thank YOU

The total project cost is estimated to be $1.5 million. We are very grateful for the funding support of the Province of British Columbia, the City of Vancouver, the Commemorative Organization for the Japan World Exposition, BC Heritage Legacy Fund, VanCity RealEstate Foundation Green Building Grant, Central City Foundation, Vancouver Heritage Foundation. We also would like to thank our members and the many individuals and families who have supported and who continue to support this project and our organization through our Community Fundraising Campaign donations and volunteering.

Please come and visit us. Buillding tours and Childcare tours will be held throughout the fall.

Many, many thanks for your generous support.