VJLS-JH has a number of volunteer committees that support the operations and growth of the school and Japanese Hall. As members, we welcome your participation and talents! If you would like to know how you can be involved in any one of the committees, please contact Momoko Ito at m.ito@vjls-jh.com

Community Programming Committee

The Community Programming Committee is focused on cultural and community outreach, as well as fundraising for the school. They facilitate and run both the Spring and Fall Bazaars, as well as the Kimono Photo Shoots.

Community Relations Committee

Community Relations Committee discusses issues related to our connection with the Japanese Canadian and Downtown East Side (DTES) communities and the city as a whole. Any ideas for project partnerships, community building initiatives, etc. are brought to this committee for discussion. The committee also discusses issues around promotion, social media, and effective communication with members.

Education Committee

The Education Committee works to promote, facilitate and expand VJLS’s educational directives and programs. The committee also spearheads the Japanese Cultural Experience Program (JCEP).

Facility Committee

The Facility Committee works to support and direct the maintenance of the school building, as well as promoting and managing the rental of the classrooms and hall.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides financial guidance and oversight for both VJLS-JH and Children’s World.

Human Resources Committee

The HR Committee discusses and makes decisions on matters regarding employees and administrative operations of VJLS-JH.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee works to determine short and long-term goals for VJLS-JH, and works to ensure that the Strategic Plan being implemented and updated.